Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Story of my hair

Hello Everybody, hope y'all doing alright while reading my first real post.
Like I said in my yesterday's post for the upcoming I will be blogging mostly about natural hair care. That is why I thought it would be handy to start by telling some more about my own hair.

I've been natural for almost 2 years now and these last couple of years have really been some challenging years for me and for my hair.
The reason I went natural was a mix of situations. I never really was the type that really liked straight hair, so when many kids ask their moms for a relaxer I asked my mom for a Jheri curl when I was younger.
Since my mom didn't want me to get any chemicals in my hair before I've had my first period, I decided to set for a press and curl, you know old fashioned with the heated comb and everything.
At age 12, during my first year of secondary school the time came for me to get my so wanted Jheri curl.
So I had my Jheri curl for almost 6 years when I moved to the Netherlands to follow higher education. Because it was so hard to get someone who could do me a jheri curl the way I liked it, I decided to go into transitioning in order to able to relax my hair. And so when I was around age 20 I got my first relaxer.

And so I relaxed my hair for about 3 years until I went natural.
Like I said it was a mixture of situations that made me go natural. One of the big reasons was a bad break up. Yes I've had another bad break up and I decided that it was time to become somebody else, and you know when a lot of people will start a new phase in their lives they start by cutting off their hair. So did I.
It was on a good Friday, April 2nd, 2010 and I just walked into a barbershop (!) and said to one of the guys that I wanted to cut off my hair, I wanted to cut everything that was still straight and only leave the outgrowths. And so my journey to become natural started.

So this was in a nutshell how I went from a press and curl, Jheri curl, relaxer to becoming all natural.
Stay tuned, because later on I will be posting some pictures of my hair throughout the years of becoming natural.

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